5 Fabulous Upgrades For Your Shower And Bath

If you're considering a bathroom remodel or building one from scratch, you're likely trying to address specific needs in your bathing routine. You also have the option to add upgrades that make your bathroom gorgeous. Combine aesthetic upgrades with practical ones for a bathroom unique to your taste and home.

1. Have a Soak

Decades ago the new technology of showering overshadowed the need for bathing in a tub. However, homeowners are discovering that soaking in a deep bathtub carries appeal all on its own. Japanese soaking tubs have become a popular upgrade in the bathroom. Since they're freestanding, you can have them placed pretty much anywhere in the room. For real pizzazz, select a deluxe material such as copper or teak wood.

2. Install an Infinity Tub

If you've ever appreciated the beauty of an infinity swimming pool, you understand the aesthetic value a little overflowing water can add. An infinity bathtub is the same concept in that it is designed for water to overflow into a deep channel. Contractors install a pump that recirculates the water back into the main tub. Typically an in-line heater is used to heat the water. An infinity tub is appropriate for any bathroom with a beautiful view.

3. Place the Shower in Front of Windows

Another option for a room with a view is locating the bath and shower right in front of a set of windows. According to Better Homes and Gardens, privacy can be maintained by rigging double-pane glass with conductive material that fogs over on demand. Installing a glass shower enclosure around the bath and shower combination ensures the spectacular view from the windows is maintained.

4. Try Etched Glass

If you're not highlighting a view from windows, consider making the glass shower enclosure the focal point. Contractors can replace the plain glass in such an enclosure with etched glass. In this case, the etched design works with the light and moisture in the shower to shift and change. Even having an etched glass door installed gives your shower stall an artistic feel.

5. Opt for Multiple Sprays

Some of the best upgrades have nothing to do with aesthetics. Having multiple spray options installed in your shower makes bathing a more pleasing experience. One popular option is the rainfall showerhead, which collects the warm water in a receptacle and allows it to cascade down like a summer rain. Likewise, massage sprays aimed at your lower back give your shower experience a spa feel.

Highlight the view from your bathroom or the textures of the material while upgrading your overall bathing experience.

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