Will Your Window Need To Be Replaced Or Can It Simply Be Repaired?

Although window replacements are much more expensive, a window repair that involves simply replacing one pane of glass can be a much less intrusive process that doesn't cost as much in labor or materials. So how will you know if your window will require extensive replacement or just need a new pane? Here are a few signs.

Some of the glass is still intact

If you have a window with many small panes of glass, it's much more common for just one or two panes to break from an impact. For example, if you're mowing the lawn and the mower kicks a rock up at the window, the ensuing damage is likely to require some replacement; however, if your window has many small panes of glass and only one is broken or cracked, you'll only need to replace that one. And if you have a double-paned window and the inside is still totally intact, you'll probably only need to have one side replaced.

There's no damage to the sash or window frame

The window frame is a bit less brittle and fragile than the window glass, since it's usually made out of wood or plastic or some other non-glass material. It's an integral part of the window's structure, so if the window frame is damaged, that's when you're looking at needing an entire window replacement. But if only the glass has shattered and the window frame itself seems to be fine, you may be able to get it repaired by having just the glass replaced.

The window is malfunctioning but still opens and closes just fine

If your window isn't shattered or cracked, there doesn't seem to be any damage to the frame, and it doesn't jam when opening or closing but there's still something funny about it, you may simply need to have the seal repaired. Double-paned windows, when they lose the seal between the panes, can collect moisture inside and start to fog up or even collect condensation and then begin to grow mildew. Depending on the severity of the problem, this may just need a seal repair, but at worst it's not likely to need more than a glass replacement.

These hints will help you get an idea of what your glass contractor might decide about your window when analyzing whether it needs repair or replacement. Remember, glass repair may seem expensive but it's a lot cheaper than replacing the whole window