Are You Enclosing Your Patio?

Have you decided that you will use your outdoor patio more if you make it an actual part of your existing house? Perhaps you have considered the fact that at this time you are basically using the patio area only during the summer months. You might be picturing yourself wearing a heavy coat last winter when you decided that you wanted to grill steaks or hamburgers on your outdoor grill that sits on the patio. Never again!

By enclosing your patio, you will now be able to use that area anytime you want to, whether it's a gorgeous day outside or whether you are weathering a severe storm. From choosing a design for your enclosed patio to finding window tinting services, here are some ideas that might help you to design an enclosed patio that you and your friends and family can enjoy often.

Choosing The Design - Have you already decided what kind of mood you want to establish in your newly enclosed patio? Perhaps you want the cozy feeling that reminds you of living in a cabin. If so, consider buying rustic furniture and things like ornamental bears and other animals with which to decorate the room. Or, you might have decided that you still want a garden feeling to the room. If so, consider buying traditional furniture, but select upholstery that includes things like ferns, flowers, and butterflies in the design. You might want to decorate with things like hanging plants, birdhouses and even an indoor fountain to give your patio a garden look.

The Window Treatment - Whether you have a cabin look, a garden look, or any other look for your newly enclosed patio, you'll more than likely have windows as part of the design of the room. Consider what kind of treatment you want for those windows. For example, choosing wooden shutters means that they will go with any type of decor you select. If you want fabric, select a design that will complement your furniture.

For example, if you have chosen a rustic look, consider denim for the curtain fabric. If you have chosen a garden look and you have floral upholstery, think about selecting gingham for your window fabric. Either way, consider finding window tinting services. The salesperson will have the expertise to help you select the right kind of tinting, eliminating the harsh sun rays, yet letting sunlight into the room. Window tinting is affordable and will last for a very long time. 

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