3 Things That Can Harm A Window

The windshield of your car goes mostly unnoticed until there is a problem with it. An issue such as a crack or streaks that are embedded in the windshield will require you to have the auto glass repaired. In order to keep your glass in good health, you need to understand what can harm windshield windows. Here are three things that can harm your front window and how you can stop the problem. 

1. Rocks flying while you are on the road

Long-distance trips especially make your car susceptible to being hit by a rock. Most of the rocks that pose a threat are due to the rotation of large truck wheels. If you are on the road, maintain a safe following distance of a car or a car and a half depending on the speed that you are going. If possible, drive behind cars and SUV's rather than semi-trucks or larger to reduce the possibility of rocks being thrown back. If you end up having a small crack in the glass due to a rock, get this repaired as soon as you reach your destination so that it does not spread. 

2. Bad windshield wipers

WIndshield wipers are typically a piece of the car that goes unnoticed until it is raining or snowing. Windshield wipers can go bad when they are worn down or being to degrade due to age or element exposure. If the wipers are leaving streaks, it is time to get the wipers changed. Every once in a while, run your windshield wipers along with the fluid to check them out. When they are streaking the window or making a sound, change them so that they do not damage the auto glass. 

3. Using low-quality glass

When you have your windshield replaced, it is imperative that you utilize factory standard windshield glass. If you do not, there is a chance that you will have a lot of issues later on with small things. Low-quality glass can lead to cracks that easily spread, or the glass can crack and break under pressure or temperature changes. Before you allow any new glass installation, ask that the technicians use original manufacturing parts. This will give you a windshield that is the same as what would have come out of the factory when your car was made. This is the best way to make sure your front window is properly durable.