The Benefits Of A Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Are you looking to tackle a major renovation in your bathroom in the near future? If so, replacing your old bathtub or shower area might be a top priority. Today, more and more homeowners understand the benefits of opting for custom shower enclosures. Here's why you might want to install a frameless glass shower enclosure as part of your upcoming remodel.

Frameless Glass Offers a More Sleek and Minimal Design

The bathtub or shower in your bathroom is a key focal point of any remodeling project. It's the first thing people probably notice when they walk into the room. So in other words, trying to make the rest of your bathroom look sleek and modern might not make much of a different if the shower still looks old and outdated.

A frameless shower enclosure with glass shower doors simply looks good. It's sleek and minimal from a design standpoint and can really do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to transforming the overall vibe of the bathroom.

Frameless Glass Can Be Customized However You Like

When you install a shower enclosure with a rubber or metal frame, you are basically stuck designing a shower that is the same dimensions as the frames. The enclosure can't be customized, in other words, to fit a unique space or offer a unique design. But when you build a custom shower enclosure with frameless glass, the sky's the limit. You can install a bigger shower than you otherwise would or still fit a sleek design into a small amount of space. Install a glass door that slides on a track or install one that swings out so you can step in.

Frameless Glass Has Fewer Nooks and Crannies for Mold to Develop

If you've owned a traditional bathtub and curtain setup in the past, you are probably used to having to combat mold or mildew. Upgrading to almost any kind of shower enclosure will help you in this regard, but a frameless glass version will offer the most efficient cleaning. You simply wipe down the glass like you are cleaning a window. There will not be that many nooks and crannies to try and scrub because there will be no frames or as many edges to pay special attention to.

Contact a Contractor Today

For best results, find a company or contractor that specializes in glass shower doors and designs custom shower enclosures as early as possible. Going with a frameless glass enclosure will provide you with a modern design that is easy to customize and clean.