Should You Choose Low-E Glass For Your Home?

Many years ago, low-e glass was not really the norm and was thought of as a luxury addition for residential and commercial windows. But now, more and more homeowners are going with this type of glass for their homes. If you’re not sure whether it’s the best option, here are your questions answered about this type of glass installation so you know wither it’s the best choice for you. What is Low-e Glass?

Will Your Window Need To Be Replaced Or Can It Simply Be Repaired?

Although window replacements are much more expensive, a window repair that involves simply replacing one pane of glass can be a much less intrusive process that doesn’t cost as much in labor or materials. So how will you know if your window will require extensive replacement or just need a new pane? Here are a few signs. Some of the glass is still intact If you have a window with many small panes of glass, it’s much more common for just one or two panes to break from an impact.