How to Install New Window Weather Stripping

If you are looking for a ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home, replacing the windows can be a very effective way to do it. Unfortunately, it is a costly purchase that many homeowners may not be able to afford. In that situation, window repair is the best option available to you. One way that you can make your existing windows better is by installing new weather stripping. It is an easy repair that you can do all on your own.

Old Weather Stripping Removal

Weather stripping can easily wear down after years of normal wear and tear. It does not matter if the weather stripping is made out of felt or rubber, regularly closing and opening a window will cause the weather stripping to be less effective. Removing the old weather stripping can be the hardest part of the whole process.

Your old weather stripping is most likely attached with some sort of adhesive backing. If you pull it away, it will cause a sticky mess that needs to be painstakingly scraped off using a chisel. Avoid scratching your window if you can, though weather stripping is typically placed on a part of the window that is difficult to see. Removing the old adhesive might require using a cleaning solution that specializes in removing the sticky residue left on the window, though you can also try using rubbing alcohol. Once all the old adhesive has been removed, clean the surface using a household cleaner.

New Weather Stripping Application

After removing all of the old weather stripping, you are ready to measure your window for the new material. Each side of the window should have one continuous piece of weather stripping on it to form the best seal possible.

Applying the weather stripping is easy. You simply peel the sticker off that is on the rear of the material, and place the weather stripping in a completely straight line on the window. The stripping must be flush with all parts of the window's sash. When closing the window, it should rest on the weather stripping. If you cut too long of a strip of weather stripping, just trim it using a razor blade to create a snug fit.

Brand new weather stripping will prevent breezes from coming through your closed windows. This cheap DIY repair project is simple enough for anybody to do, and will help cut down on your energy bills. Click here for more info.