How To Turn Your Shower Into Your Personal Spa

If it is difficult for you to get to the spa, don't worry! You can turn your shower into your own personal sauna. Here are three ways you can turn your shower time into "me time."

1. Breathe in the steam. While your shower will not get as hot as a sauna, it does produce some great steam. Nice glass shower enclosures will hold the steam much better than a simple shower curtain. During your shower take the time to really breathe in the steam. Take some long, deep breaths and feel the steam move into your lungs. The steam will:

  • moisten your dry membranes
  • relieve any congestion you may be experiencing
  • reduce inflammation
  • relax your muscles 
  • improve your circulation 
  • loosen the dead skin cells that are camping out on your skin

To increase the amount of steam you are breathing in, turn and face the shower head. Lean in until your nose and mouth are close to the water but not submerged. Breathe deeply in through your nose and then out through your mouth. Repeat ten to fifteen times. 

2. Use essential oils. Have you ever added some essential oils to your shower time? You can try:

  • peppermint for headaches or congestion
  • lavender or chamomile for relaxation
  • lemongrass and fennel for improved digestion
  • rosemary, lemongrass, lavender and chamomile for dry skin 

Put a few drops in your palms, cup your hands around your nose, and take some long deep breaths. The essential oils will mix with the steam and help you relax. You can also place some oils on a warm, damp washcloth and place that over your nose. Be careful to keep the oils away from your eyes. 

3. Do some simple stretches. Moving your body gently under the warm water spray can really relieve muscle tension and stress. Try:

  • Turning around so the hot water hits all the areas in your back and shoulders (like the jets of a hot tub)
  • Stretching your neck gently from one side to the other or doing some head rolls
  • Placing one hand on either side of the shower (this only works with an enclosure), leaning forward, and arching your back to stretch out your spine 
  • Reaching both arms as high as you can, elongating your back, shoulders and ribs 

Don't rush through your shower any longer. Even if your shower only lasts a few minutes, you can turn it into something special if you are mindful and attentive. Let your mind and body relax completely so that you will feel completely rejuvenated. Good luck!