Replacement Window Options: What You Might Be Offered When Your Budget Is Tight

When a window breaks in your home, it can be a very frustrating thing. You have to clean up all that shattered glass, break the rest of the pane shards out of the frame or cover it so people do not get hurt, and then figure out how you can afford a new window. What may surprise you is that you may not have to buy an entire replacement window. There are a few other options available to you, if you can find a window dealer who offers these budget-friendly options.

Replacing Just the Pane of Glass

Auto glass replacements often repair small sections of a damaged windshield or window. Your home's windows can get the same type of service. Some window sellers are willing to come into your home, measure the area where the broken pane was, and give you an estimate to replace just the glass. It is considerably less than the cost of a brand new window, which, in most cases, you may have to buy four or more windows just to get one window replaced.

Replacing the Frame and Glass

Another option is to replace the entire frame and glass. This is an excellent option if you happen to have tilt-in windows that slide freely in their own tracks and remove for easy cleaning. All the window seller has to do is remove the broken half of the window from its tracks and install a brand new one in its place. The replacement may cost a little more than just replacing the glass, but your labor costs will almost be null because it only takes about five minutes or less.

Using a Storm Window Until You Can Afford a Replacement

A third and final option that is budget-friendly is buying a storm window. This is a sliding glass pane you install on the outside of your window. It will effectively keep bugs and bad weather from entering your home until you can afford a window replacement. If your windows already have storm windows installed, then you can remove all of the remaining shards from your broken window and just use the storm window as a backup.

Finding a Window Seller That Will Work with You

The most difficult aspect to these options is finding a window seller like A-1 Glass Co Inc that will work with you. Since many window sellers like to sell windows and window replacements in specific quantities to make it cost-effective for them, not many are willing to help customers with just replacement glass or a single sash replacement. You may have to call a dozen window sellers in your area to find at least one that is willing to sell you exactly what you want, need and can afford at this moment.