Smashed And Shattered: How To Clean Broken Glass From Your Car Interior

If you've ever tried to clean sand from you car after a beach trip, you know it can be a tough battle. It can seem impossible to get up every little grain of sand. Think about how hard it is to remove that sand, and you've got a good idea of what it's like trying to clean broken glass from you car. Whether it's from an auto accident, vandalism, or a stray baseball from a neighborhood kid, here's a look at how to best clean broken glass from your car interior.

First, vacuum the area several times, and empty the bag before you forget there's glass in there. This should get most of the glass taken away. But there's still going to be some glass left over. Try these tips for getting rid of that remaining stubborn glass. Of course, with all of these methods, you are dealing with tiny pieces of glass, so it's a good idea to wear gloves.

  • Use a potato: Cut a potato in half, then press the open half into the broken glass. The shards should sink right in. Press down several times until the area is clean.
  • Use a slice of bread: Simply press a slice of bread or two over the area. Using a slice of bread gives you a large surface area to work with, and since bread is so soft, pieces of glass will stick to it or sink right in.
  • Use a piece of tape: It seems obvious, but tape really is one of the most efficient methods for picking up broken glass. Use the widest, most sturdy tape you have (usually duct tape), and stick it on the broken glass. Take it on and off the glass several times, and repeat with a new strip as often as you need.
  • Use a paper towel: Fold a paper towel in half, wet it, and press it into the shards. Folding it over ensures that the broken pieces won't stick through the paper.

Of course, once you do have the glass removed, you've still got a window that needs to be replaced. And if your cracked window was a windshield, there's a good chance you'll need to have some cleaning done that you can't do on your own (like in the air vents and behind the dash). Obviously, this is a job for the professionals. They've likely dealt with your situation dozens of times before, and know how to make sure the job gets done right the first time. Contact a company like Premiere Glass And Mirror for more information.