Noisy Neighbor Survival Guide

You may have found your neighborhood quite peaceful until the older single lady next door sold her home to a family with three kids, two dogs, and a drum set. Now the noise is driving you crazy, and you cannot afford to move. Besides starting a war with the people next door, what can you do? Realize that you may never experience the level of quiet you did before. but then try a few simple strategies to make the situation livable for you.

Make Friends

Welcome the noisy brood to the neighborhood and take them a cake or cookies. Kids love sweets, and you want the kids on your side so that they may show a little mercy. Do not broach any unpleasant subjects when you first meet, even if the children have broken your ear drums in their first few days near you. Since you are a nice person, you should greet any new people near you, anyway. This move is both polite and preemptive. 

Complain Nicely

Only complain when something truly egregious has happened, like the teenagers blasting their music so that you could hear it through five walls and two doors. Then wait until the parents are available and nicely ask them to control the volume better. If they seem receptive, you might gently mention that the overall noise level is disturbing. Express that you are willing to compromise and hope they are too. Sometimes, this "we are in it together" approach works. If the unacceptable noise level continues, you may try one more nice visit or reminder. If you are ignored, then you need to take stronger steps.


If you belong to a homeowner's association, you can enlist their help with this problem. Some HOAs have noise ordinances included in their rules that require noise reduction after a certain hour of the day or that forbid any noise level that interrupts sleep or a peaceful existence. They may also have the ability to enforce this policy with fines. Use this resource to help you with your neighbors. If you do not belong to an HOA, the city's noise ordinances may help you.


If you have old residential windows, having them replaced can seriously reduce the noise problem. Special glass replacement aimed at noise reduction is something to consider, but even new energy efficient windows can really help block sound. Plus, you will save money on your energy bill, so it is a win/win situation for you. Contact a local glass contractor, like Victorville Glass Co Inc, to see what options may work for you.

You have to expect that kids and dogs will be noisy, but you also have the right to a relatively peaceful existence. Be gentle but firm with your new neighbors, but if friendly negotiations fail, take steps to protect your lifestyle.