4 Ways You Can Go The Extra Step And Give Replacement Windows More Details

Replacement windows can be a great investment for your home, but they may not do a lot to change the look. If you are doing other renovations, you may want to consider additional improvements to bring your windows up to date. Some of these improvements can include adding trim or planter boxes. Here are some additional improvements you may want to consider to give your replacement windows more details:

1. Update Interior Trim With Detailed Woodwork

When you replace the windows in your home, the interior trim may be outdated. Some windows may not even have interior trim and are wrapped in drywall instead. To change the look of your windows, wood trim details can be added to the interior of your home. Interior trim can give your new windows custom woodwork details.

2. Add A Trim Surround Over The Brick And Siding Outside Windows

Replacement windows often lack the trim details in casing. The windows you had before may not have had any trim detail either. To give your windows a little extra detail, you may want to consider adding a surround to brick or siding. This can often be installed over the exterior of your home to add a little more detail to the windows.

3. Install Small Planters And Other Details For Replacements

If you want to add more details to the exterior of your windows, you may want to consider adding planters. The planters can be built into the window seal or they can be fastened to the exterior of your home, which can be good if you want to be able to replace them. You may also want to consider larger window seals for the exterior of your home.

4. Use Garden-Style Windows To Give More Light And Green Space

There are also improvements that can be done with the windows themselves. While most of the windows in your home may have replacement windows, there may be some that do not or need other improvements. For windows in a kitchen or breakfast area, you may want to consider having a custom garden-style window installed. This will give you a small greenhouse-like space for plants, as well as give your home more natural light.

These are some improvements that you may want to consider to give your new windows a little extra detail. If you are ready to start updating the windows in your home, contact a glass service and talk with them about helping you with some of these additional improvements. To learn more, contact a company like Park Glass Inc