Revamping Your Office Building: Commercial Glass Options For You

When you decide that the time has come to update your office and make some aesthetic and structural changes, you may wonder where you should start. One of the best ways to give your office a new look and to make it more energy efficient at the same time is to update and replace the glass surfaces. This can include both interior and exterior glass. There are a myriad of glass and window options to choose from that are unique and will give your office a new look. Get to know some of these options so that you can contact a commercial glass company as soon as possible to get your remodeling project started.

Install Large View-Preserving Picture Windows

If you have an office building that could potentially have spectacular views, particularly from the upper levels, then you may want to consider replacing old-fashioned windows that have large frames with picture windows that will help give you a more unencumbered view of the world outside. Picture windows feature large panels of glass without excess framing.

These windows are able to give such a wide view of the world because they do not open. As such, they do not need the center supports so the panes of glass can move and slide open. The single piece of glass can be very large, even floor to ceiling, to give an unblocked view.

Add In Some Transom Windows

If you are looking for a way to modernize your office space and make it feel more open and spacious, then you may want to consider adding in transom windows. These windows are installed over doors and can be used both on the interior doors and exterior doors in your office building.

In addition to being versatile in their uses inside and outside of the building, transom windows can be designed to be functional and open or they can be much like the aforementioned picture windows. These windows can let in more light to rooms in your office building that would otherwise have very little. They can also prevent feelings of claustrophobia in smaller meeting or conference rooms.

Transom windows installed above exterior doors can give you the option of letting in and circulating more air in entryways and lobbies without having to prop the doors open. The interior versions can also allow better airflow throughout your building, helping to cut down on cooling costs to maintain temperature control in problematic areas of the building.

Now that you know a few ways that you can revamp your office building through glass installation and replacement, you can better select the changes you will make and contact a commercial glass company like Custom Glass Mirror Image LLC as soon as possible to get started.