From Basic Patio To Four Seasons Room: How This Works

Having a patio for outdoor relaxation or outdoor entertaining is great. There are just a few problems with this; bees and mosquitoes. If the wasps and bees are not trying to get at your food while entertaining, the mosquitoes will eat you alive. How do you keep this space, but keep these pests away? Actually, there are several ways you can transform a patio.

Screen Enclosures

The most basic enhancement you can make to a patio is a screen enclosure. These draped mesh panels block the pests and cost the least of your patio enclosure options. However, they are only useful in the warmer months, and they do not prevent water or patches of ice from developing on the concrete slab that constitutes your patio floor.

Three Seasons Room

A three seasons room is a structure built on top of, and around, your patio slab. The slab becomes the foundation for the three seasons room. Walls constructed mostly of tall windows with sliding screen panels still keep outdoor pests outdoors, and they keep the unpleasant weather outside, too. With a solid roof overhead, and outdoor carpeting, you can now use your patio/three seasons room for three quarters of the year. (Winter is out when this space is not heated.)

Four Seasons Room

If you have a couple extra thousand dollars, you can turn your patio slab into a four seasons room. Springing for the extra insulation, the heating connections, and ventilation means that you (and your guests) can enjoy the patio/room all year long. This is especially nice if you have lots of guests during the holiday season and not a lot of space in your kitchen or dining room for guests to mingle and enjoy the food. If you add curtains or blinds to all of the window glass in this room, then you can drop the blinds or shades and allow guests to use this as a guest bedroom as well. Now your simple concrete patio slab is a completely new room and addition to your house!

When the Project Begins

When you decide which of the above you are going to do, you need to figure out if there will be a door in the screens so that people can walk outside, or a door in the walls for the same purpose. If you decide to transform your patio into a three- or four seasons room, then you have to decide how many windows you want versus solid wall space. Most of these structures opt for a full, surrounding colonnade of floor-to-ceiling glass windows to fully utilize the light and heat from the sun, but the decision is yours.

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